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SURVIVAL DATA FILTER: This is a data preparation Excel spread sheet designed to do a preliminary survival data processing. The output of the spreadsheet could be directly pasted in statistics software (Statistica, Medcalc, etc) for Kaplan-Meier survival calculation. Please enable macros. The whole process is described in the "help" text box. Should you find it useful please drop me a line.

Survival data filter

IMRT PRESENTATION: It was originally developed as training tool for the Radiation Oncology Registrars in New Zealand. Some of the visions are personal views and should not really be taken as the ultimate truth. The relatively recent concepts of sparing the constrictor muscles and the sublingual/submandibular glands are not reflected in the slides. The presentation is made on Mac and the .pdf variant is nothing more than a clumsy export, taking the gloss offm the graphics. Most of the drawings are copyrighted and should not be used without explicit permission (not difficult to get - just ask). These are large files, better download them prior to opening.

IMRT for beginners (PDF)

IMRT COURSE: This is more a complete IMRT course developed in close co-operation with Siemens OCS. The separate side contains all presentations and contouring material. The presentation is copyrighted and no part of it can be copied or reproduced for any purpose without explicit permission.